The best virtual SAN software for lean IT environments

Enterprise remote office branch office (ROBO) and SME environments depend on the availability of business-critical applications for business continuity. Downtime could result in more than just direct revenue loss but may also damage customer loyalty and the brand.

SvSAN in 2 minutes

StorMagic’s SvSAN is a virtual SAN storage solution built from the ground up to deliver high availability to business-critical applications in one to many lean IT environments.


SvSAN addresses the unique challenges of enterprise ROBO and SMEs including:  

  • Budget constraints – Organizations seek to limit the amount of hardware needed at each site and any subsequent ongoing maintenance costs such as cooling, power, sparing and the need for remote IT. SvSAN requires a minimum two-server configuration at each site, keeping you within budget without compromising on performance.
  • Footprint limitations – SMEs and branch offices often have limited space available, sometimes as small as a single cupboard, to house their storage infrastructure. SvSAN can be deployed with minimal hardware to accommodate lean IT environments.
  • Application availability – Critical applications need to remain up. Downtime costs money and potentially customer loyalty – customers may decide not to do future business if they have to wait for service. With SvSAN, synchronous mirroring between hosts ensures data integrity and maintains application uptime. SvSAN also enables high availability/failover clustering in VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments.
  • Future scaling – Some solutions tie you to specific hardware and set storage limits which make scaling up or out difficult and costly as your organization grows. SvSAN can be deployed on any commodity x86 servers, is easy to scale up or out and is only limited by the hypervisor as to the number of virtual machines that can run.

Centralizing or moving to the cloud?

Organizations seeking alternatives to traditional storage may have considered centralization or cloud storage as alternatives to virtual SAN storage software. However as surveys of ROBO and SME organizations have shown, these approaches can:

  • Lead to sluggish network performance
  • Add to bandwidth costs
  • Not ensure application availability
  • Be unsuitable for data compliance

SvSAN virtual SAN software keeps your critical applications local for ease of access and data compliance and enables high availability for maximum application uptime. SvSAN tolerates high latency, low bandwidth WAN links prevalent in SME and ROBO environments.