SvSAN overview

Running, managing and storing data that is spread across multiple locations can be complicated and expensive. Organizations with geographically distributed remote offices or branch offices (ROBO) such as financial institutions, retailers, utility companies and government agencies, rely on customer-facing applications that are onsite for them to operate locally.

But many struggle to implement a ROBO storage system that is affordable while still offering the right performance for these business-critical applications. Challenges include the growing amount of data, the diverse number of offices, and the lack of qualified IT staff at each location. Businesses that try to avoid these onsite headaches by centralizing applications or moving them to the cloud can be affected by sluggish network performance and extra bandwidth costs, according to a research report from ESG.

The solution to ROBO storage challenges is radically simple. Hypervisor and hardware agnostic, StorMagic SvSAN is the most cost-effective virtual SAN for SME and ROBO. Offering highly available shared storage at a dramatically lower cost, SvSAN completely eliminates the need for expensive physical SANs. Instead, running on only two servers, the virtual SAN storage software, can be centrally managed from one location.

SvSAN: Virtual SAN storage software to simplify your IT

SvSAN benefits – ideal for ROBO storage

StorMagic helps our customers do more for less. SvSAN brings all the benefits of a typical enterprise virtualized infrastructure to SME and ROBO users at a fraction of the price.


More savings

  1. Cut CapEx and OpEx costs by 40% with StorMagic’s virtual SAN storage solution
  2. No more physical SANs, reducing the deployment and maintenance costs
  3. Less software and hardware to buy and service
Virtual SAN storage software that offers high availability  

More availability

  1. Scale up and out, SvSAN offers two server high availability that can match any business need
  2. The virtual SAN software runs on any external or internal storage offering superior performance
  3. No compromise on reliability; live updates and migration even in the most challenging environments

More simplicity

  1. No local IT, the virtual SAN software can be managed from a centralized location
  2. SvSAN is hypervisor and hardware independent
  3. One console to manage everything including VMware and Microsoft solutions

Built to support VMware vSphere® and Microsoft Hyper-V®

StorMagic SvSAN supports industry-leading hypervisors VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V. The virtual SAN software integrates into the hypervisor for unbeatable performance and exceptional simplicity.