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Software-defined storage for remote sites

Deploying and supporting traditional IT infrastructure for remote sites can be very challenging. Virtualization and high availability can prove too complex and costly, often leaving the IT team no choice but to cut corners and send valuable IT resource on site at a moments notice.

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A Hyperconverged Primer

Join independent industry writer and consultant Earl Follis discussing affordable hyperconverged solutions.

Hosted by StorMagic partner Lenovo and delivered by SpiceWorks, this webinar is ideal for those exploring hyperconverged for remote office, branch office deployment and for organizations that require a lean IT environment.

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Trial Boost Workshop: Get the most from StorMagic SvSAN

Essential for anyone that has downloaded the StorMagic SvSAN free trial, the trial booster workshop offers swift deployment tips and fine tuning your free trial in a 15 minute whiteboard session with Luke Pruen (Director of Technical Services).

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Software-defined storage for physical SAN replacement

Organizations with tightened budgets, minimal space and a lack of experienced IT personnel still need to keep their critical applications available. Many are turning away from traditional storage solutions to software-defined solutions.

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Hyper-convergence as an enabler for branch modernization

The reasons for moving to hyper-convergence are clear, and the benefits are many. But until recently, only large enterprise data centers with sizeable IT budgets could reap those benefits.

Now, hyper-convergence is more accessible than ever, thanks to entry-level solutions suitable for branch offices, SMEs and the distributed enterprise.

But is hyper-convergence suited for your organization? Can you utilize hyper-converged solutions for your IT modernization projects? And if so, how do you determine the right solution?

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StorMagic SvSAN overview and live demo

StorMagic’s SvSAN is a software-only virtual SAN which enables enterprises to eliminate downtime of business critical applications across their distributed environments, where this disruption directly equates to a loss in service and revenue.

Please join us to learn more about StorMagic SvSAN, the most cost-effective virtual SAN for remote sites. …read more


  • VMworld 2016 U.S.

    StorMagic will be exhibiting at VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. More details to follow.