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Tech Tip - 7 - Split Brain

Remote office tech tip: Split brain

If the connection between two servers fails, but the servers keep running, you have what’s known as a split brain. This can lead to dreaded data corruption. But split brain is preventable.

Evo Of Storage - 4

Evolution of Storage: Part 4 – The rise of the (virtual) machines – Server virtualization

Building on the previous architectures with the primary objectives of protecting against a rogue application from consuming all server resources and driving up server resource utilization further, the concept of server virtualization was widely adopted. Server virtualization abstracts the physical server hardware from the operating system, using a “hypervisor”. This enables

MHM Mar 25

Might have missed: Mar 25 – Apr 7

This fortnight's Might Have Missed includes Tom Fenton on 5 storage trends to watch,'s independent review of Cisco UCS Mini and ActualTech Media's Gorilla Guide to Hyperconvergence for SMB video.

Tech Tip 4 - Requirements HA

Remote office tech tip: Requirements for high availability

High availability isn't always a requirement, but for organizations where applications need to run constantly in 10s or even 1000s of sites HA needs to be affordable.

Evo Of Storage - 3

Evolution of Storage: Part 3 – The consolidation era – Server consolidation & shared SAN/NAS storage

As organizations grow in size, so does the requirement to retain more and more data. To limit the server sprawl and the number of storage islands, the concepts of server and storage consolidation were conceived.

Tech Tip 17 - Risk Resiliency

Remote office tech tip: Distributing risk to increase resiliency

Managing risk alongside generating revenue and efficiency are key factors in determining business success. While centralization drives efficiency and one location is easier to secure than thousands, a single breach could bring down every application across your infrastructure at once.

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ROBO virtualization with StorMagic SvSAN

The StorMagic solution is pretty unique in the fact that it can build a high available, software-defined, vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA) with just two servers compared to the “normal” 3+ servers that other VSA products need. This saves you a


eigenmagic VFD4 Prep: StorMagic

StorMagic make a Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO) storage product called SvSAN that provides an iSCSI virtual SAN appliance (VSA) as a Linux virtual machine. It works as a 2-node synchronously mirrored cluster of VMs that provide storage services.

it hollow post

Highly Available Enterprise Edge Storage from StorMagic –

When I saw the Virtual SAN solution from VMware my first thought was that a small office might really love this solution because it eliminated the requirement for a Storage Area Network (SAN) for small offices.  Often I would see

always on

Challenges of Delivering ‘Always On’ Productivity

It’s no surprise that today’s organizations demand high levels of application and data availability across the enterprise. But delivering this level of high availability is difficult, particularly because of the additional hardware and management required and the costs and complexities


SvSAN Validated – an ESG Lab Review

Recently, research firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) was tasked with testing and reviewing our SvSAN solution, which delivers virtual shared storage and enables enterprises to eliminate downtime and ensure high availability of business critical applications at the edge where disruptions