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Helping customers with their “Green IT” initiatives

Organizations all over the world are becoming more reliant on technology in order to operate as the demand for IT resources continues to grow exponentially. And yet, many IT managers are trying to meet the challenge of reducing carbon footprints without sacrificing performance or productivity. In honour of Earth Day,

MHM Apr 8 - 21b

Might have missed: Apr 8 to Apr 21

This fortnight's Might Have Missed includes James Green on HA and protecting your vSphere environment, Orin Thomas on optimizing hyper-convergence for VDI and Brien Posey on why you need VM monitoring tools.


Remote office tech tip: When to avoid the cloud

Many CIO's will tell you moving all applications to the cloud is unrealistic. Considerations have to be made for application availability, performance and regulatory compliance. So should you avoid the cloud?

Tech Tip 20 - Localized DR

Remote office tech tip: Creating a localized disaster recovery solution

With disasters ranging from server failure to a fire on-premises you need to plan varying approaches for disaster recovery scenarios.

Evo Of Storage - 5

Evolution of Storage: Part 5 – Present day & future – Software-defined storage

As mentioned in the last instalment, server virtualization and consolidation drive up resource utilization while ensuring that virtual machines only consume the resources that are allocated. This functionality is not only appealing to organizations with data center based server and applications, but to organizations with multiple remote sites. Server virtualization

Tech Tip 19 - Remote Site Expansion

Remote office tech tip: IT considerations for remote site expansion

Organizations looking to expand into rural areas or less developed countries may face challenges such as: a lack of high performance network connectivity; the affordability of such networks; and a lack of skilled IT support staff.

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vsphere integration

StorMagic Dashboard for VMware vSphere Web Client

For large multi-site organizations with tens or thousands of remote sites, the need to monitor and manage the IT infrastructure from a central location is imperative.


Putting StorMagic Behind the Arrow

A lot has changed in the past four years. In 2011, StorMagic started to put more emphasis on creating a better virtualization and high availability solution for distributed enterprises and remote office/branch office (ROBO) environment. 


German Army Purchased StorMagic SvSAN

The National Army of Germany needs the ability to take military-grade, highly available storage with them anywhere that field units go, in order to enable the operations and communications it needs to execute its missions.


SAN-tastic? VMware blesses StorMagic’s skinny ROBO HA

StorMagic has a two-server virtual SAN product which VMware is now endorsing as the best virtual SAN for remote office/branch office environments – instead of its own vSAN software – where the customer needs a two-server set-up. SvSAN provides high-availability and


Q&A: Interview with @StorMagic CEO Hans O’Sullivan, #ROBO Master

Hyper-converged infrastructure is one of the fastest growing segments in IT spending. One of the emerging trends for hyper-converged is the remote office/branch office (ROBO), which has very specific performance and availability requirements for business applications at the edge. While