Might Have Missed: May 2016

May 26, 2016

Industry News

Server virtualization market now ‘mature’, Gartner finds
Source: Read at Information Week, Charles Babcock
New license revenue declined in the first quarter of 2016, a first in the 18 years since the practical launch of x86 servers in the enterprise data center says Gartner. Overall virtualization revenues will increase this year by 5.7%.


Implementing hyper-converged technology for hungry VMs
Source: Read at TechTarget, Alastair Cooke
Alastair provides his tips for organizations looking to run large applications on virtual machines. This includes storage tiering which can be achieved by using SvSAN Target Migration. You can read more about this feature, released in SvSAN 5.2.
You can’t do everything yourself
Source: Read at Packet Pushers, Ethan Banks
Are you becoming an operational bottleneck? As a fellow control freak, Ethan Banks gives his tips to IT professionals that find themselves taking on every task in their organization – a drag on workplace efficiency.
How the virtualization system administrator job is changing
Source: Read at TechTarget, Brian Kirsch
“The flexibility to deal with change” is the most crucial requirement of any virtualization system adminsitrator according to Brian Kirsch. Here he discusses the skills, interests and drive needed to excel in such a role.
Power up! SDS transforms isolated disk drives into a single storage pool to speed operations
Source: Read at ComputerWorld, Philip Davies
Is software-defined storage right for your organization? Philip Davies discusses how SDS automates system management to lessen demands on IT administrators and how to cut through the hype and choose the solution that’s best for you.


Affordable hyper-convergence solutions with StorMagic SvSAN & Lenovo
Source: Read at
Extending their relationship to the UK market, StorMagic and Lenovo have partnered to deliver three new software-defined solutions starting at just £4500. Benefit from the performance and reliability of Lenovo System x servers with the affordability and simplicity of StorMagic‘s software defined storage solution SvSAN.
Software-defined storage for remote sites webinar
Source: Watch at
Remote sites offer challenges of scalability, expense and support which traditional IT infrastructure can find difficult to accommodate. This webinar demonstrates how software-defined storage can help to tackle those challenges and makes a suitable deployment option for remote site organizations.

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