Might Have Missed: June 2016

Industry News

Adoption of Hyperconverged Infrastructure Increased 80% Y/Y
Source: Read at Storage Newsletter
Analysts at ActualTech Media find 80% growth in the adoption of HCI according to June’s ‘2016 State of Hyperconverged Infrastructure Market Report’. Further insights include the primary drivers for adopting HCI and adoption timeframes.


How to choose hyper-converged storage vendors: Eight questions to ask
Source: Read at TechTarget, Ed Tittel
In the third installment of this four part series, Ed covers key criteria for evaluating hyper-converged storage products such as hypervisor agnosticism, scalability, operation and employee technical expertise.
The Silo Series – Resource Allocation For Virtualized Workloads
Source: Listen here or at Packet Pushers, Drey Conry-Murray
In the latest of their Silo Series, the Datanauts podcast discuss strategies and tactics for resource allocation in virtualized environments. Get performance tips and listen to discussion around issues of CPU and memory allocation.
Failover Testing – Do It Now
Source: Listen here or at Packet Pushers, Drey Conry-Murray
Ensure you have a fail-safe failover plan with tips from the Datanauts team on failover testing split into the need for failover testing, how to test and what to verify. Then, don’t forget to schedule your next test!


July 5th: Next Generation Software-defined Storage
Source: Read at StorMagic.com
StorMagic will soon be announcing a major new release of SvSAN bringing unprecedented flexibility, efficiency and performance to our customers and partners. Join us on July 5th for a webinar on next generation software defined storage built on our proven SvSAN platform.
Trial Boost Workshop: Management and Deployment
Source: Watch at StorMagic.com
Recorded webinar that’s essential viewing for anyone that has downloaded the StorMagic SvSAN free trial, the Trial Boost Workshop offers installation and configuration guidance, specialist technical topic deep dive and a Q+A that offers the chance to raise your questions directly with a StorMagic technical consultant.

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