VTUG Winter Warmer 2013 – StorMagic Session

February 21, 2013 in Events, SvSAN, video

Remote Sites: Affordable, Simple, Available, Manageable

“…….why re-complicate your remote sites with a SAN, you’re essentially adding another X86 server….”

In this recent VTUG Winter Warmer session, StorMagic CEO Hans O’Sullivan discusses how the Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) solution, SvSAN, enables large organizations to achieve affordable, simple, highly available and centrally managed remote site redundancy.

Learn why large organizations are choosing SvSAN for their remote sites and how a large Big Box retailer saved over $10m with SvSAN.

Reinventing Network Storage for Remote Site Redundancy

February 4, 2013 in Multi-Site, Retail, Storage, SvSAN, video, Webinar

Although the retail sector has a lower probability of store downtime, it does suffer from a higher cost of downtime per hour. This high cost of downtime is a result of employee dependency on the in-store infrastructure.

For infrastructure management teams, implementing network storage in-store ensures availability of business applications. However implementing SAN storage in business and mission-critical retail locations actually increases risk because of its inherent complexity. Additionally, the capital and management costs make no business sense for these environments as they raise concerns and challenges such as:

-          High Capex and Opex associated with acquisition, management and implementation of physical solutions across multiple stores/sites,

-          Physical storage solutions re-introduce complexity into virtualized environments.

-          As a single point of failure if the storage fails your site goes down.

-          Potential extended downtime as physical solutions require on-site IT for hardware failure resolution

The combination of server virtualization and virtual storage appliances (VSA) changes the landscape providing a solution that is simple to use and cost effective while still providing high availability.

In this recent webinar we discuss how StorMagics SvSAN has reinvented network storage for retail environments:

-          Simple to implement over dozens, hundreds and thousands of remote locations

-          Ease of ongoing management and support across remote locations

-          Changes the business economics including capex and opex

-          Ensures in-store application availability cost effectively

-          Examination of a real world use case of a major retailer with over 2,000 locations


Watch Now: http://www.stormagic.com/Webinars/webinar_2013_01_30.php

Fortifying Branch Offices with Storage Virtual Appliances

May 4, 2012 in Branch Office, Multi-Site, SvSAN, video, Webinar

Maintaining high availability for business-critical applications continues to be one of the key IT objectives for branch office management. Yet how do you manage and maintain performance, integration, and ease of deployment cost effectively to support the most demanding business requirements?

CIOs are continuing to evaluate the benefits of virtualization and server consolidation to find new approaches to effective branch office management. Storage Virtual Appliances (SVAs) extend the benefits of virtualization and server consolidation by cost effectively delivering high availability in a simplified and manageable solution.

Learn how SVAs can help your organization fortify branch offices cost effectively

In this webinar you will:

•Learn how to implement an affordable, high-availability branch office solution;

•Discover how SVAs reduce the demands on network administrators and enable corporate IT to maintain control and manage branch offices from a single centralized hub

•Learn how E.ON Climate & Renewables achieved high availability at over 100 locations using Storage Virtual Appliances.

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Unlocking VMware With a Storage Virtual Appliance – SvSAN Demonstration

April 10, 2012 in SvSAN, video, Webinar

Date: April 4th 2012


VMware® users need a flexible, robust and cost effective shared storage solution for their virtual server environments. Shared storage systems are required in order to leverage the real benefits of vSphere (such as VMware HA, VMotion TM and DRS TM), but are often seen as out of reach, too complicated or expensive for many organizations.

Prior to the development of Storage Virtual Appliances, customers needed expensive and complex external SAN solutions to enable high-value features such as VMware HA, VMotion and Dynamic Resource Scheduler (DRS). This server based storage typically costs a fraction of what an external SAN costs and is much easier to manage.

As part of the webinar we demonstrate fast deployment and creation of shared storage, ease of use through vCenter integration as well as high availability. As part of the discussion we also highlight the benefits of Storage Virtual Appliances and why SvSAN is a favorite in SMB and multi-site environments

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VMUG New England 2012: Are you getting the most out of your branch offices??

February 22, 2012 in video

Some of StorMagic’s friends to took the time out to ask some of the attendee’s of the New England VMUG on their branch office environments to see if they are getting the most out of them. This video is the outcome of that.

Thanks Guys, Great Video!

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/37251991 w=600&h=338]

Webinar: Solving Challenges Achieving High Availability in Remote Office/Branch Office Environments

November 14, 2011 in video, Webinar


If you missed our Webinar on November the 9th 2011, on solving challenges in achieving remote office / branch office (ROBO) virtual environments, you can now watch it online.

Limited space: Stores, restaurants, remote sites and branch offices typically have limited space to accommodate additional servers, storage and networking equipment.

Limited budget: IT budgets are often based upon an assumption that the applications will be hosted on a single low-cost PC server. However, this cheaper hardware option is a single point of failure that can interrupt the ability to service customers, record transactions, manage staffing and inventory, and process payments. In addition, maintenance must be done during high-cost, off hours.

Lack of local IT: Few organizations can afford trained IT staff at all of their branch locations. It is equally inefficient to leverage centrally located IT staff to provide emergency onsite support. This approach increases travel costs and extends the problem-resolution time, which directly impacts profitability.

Questions and Answers from Webinar:

Q1: Is RDM Mapping supported with all RAID-Controllers that are on the VMware HCL (or only with specific RAID-Controllers) ?

A:) RDM is supported with most RAID controllers, to check compatibility please contact support with details on raid cards at support@stormagic.com

Q2: Is the SVA-VM able to handle 10 Gbit wire-speed with 1 vCPU ? (vmxnet3 no problem, but is the SVA-VM supported with 2 vCPU’s) ?

A: The SvSAN would take advantage of second CPU, backend would take advantage of second CPU. Currently re-architecting for a later date. Performance is based upon the underlying disks in the host.

Q3: What sort of latency does SVSAN introduce ?

A: Depends on how you allocate storage to SvSAN, for more information contact our support on support@stormagic.com

Q4: Does it support vSphere 5 ?

A: Yes

Q5: How is SvSAN Licensed ?

A: Licensing is based on capacity and per server. A copy of SvSAN comes with 2 licenses to cover 2 Server HA. Licences can be purchased individually. For more info visit: http://www.stormagic.com/shop.php

Q6: How many remote sites can I manage from your plugin ?

A: There is no upper limit on how many remote sites can be managed from plugin.

Q7: Is SvSAN Certified by Vmware ?

A: SvSAN is certified for ESX/i 4.1 and is currently going through Certification for vSphere 5

Q8: How is data replicated between sites ?

A: SvSAN is Active-Active, however we do not do Active-Active replication over long distance sites due to restraints in Bandwidth. Looking to introduce Asynchronous Replication for DRS next year

Q9: What Hardware is compatible with SvSAN ?

A: Look ar VMware hardware compatibility list. Always keep in mind that storage is always based on performance on underlying disks.

To arrange a demo or for more info please visit our website at StorMagic.com or email us at info@stormagic.com

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