Might Have Missed: June 2016

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This edition of Might of Missed includes excerpts from ActualTech Media's June 2016 report on Hyper-converged, Datanauts on resource allocation and failover testing and StorMagic


Might Have Missed: May 2016

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This edition of Might of Missed includes reports on server virtualization from Gartner, stopping yourself from becoming an IT bottleneck, SvSAN for remote sites and

Tech Tip 21 - Fault Tolerance HA DR

Remote office tech tip: Fault tolerance, hi...

May 12, 2016No Comments

What are the differences between fault tolerance, high availability and disaster recovery solutions? When is it best to employ these solutions, which environments?

Tech Tip 1 - Optimizing Branch Remote

Remote office tech tip: Optimizing branch o...

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What can CIO's do to optimize branch office IT infrastructure and keep applications running? Does cloud storage offer solutions for branch office? Are there more

Tech Tip 8 - Quorum Deployment

Remote office tech tip: Quorum server deplo...

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In a split-brain scenario, where the connection between two servers fails, it's imperative that a quorum server exists to decide which server in a mirrored

Tech Tip 3 - Branch Office Consolidation

Remote office tech tip: Branch office infra...

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In reducing costs across their IT infrastructure, organizations with branch offices are increasingly looking towards virtual servers and virtual desktops. This decreases the number of


Helping customers with their “Green IT”...

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Organizations all over the world are becoming more reliant on technology in order to operate as the demand for IT resources continues to grow exponentially.

MHM Apr 8 - 21b

Might have missed: Apr 8 to Apr 21

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This fortnight's Might Have Missed includes James Green on HA and protecting your vSphere environment, Orin Thomas on optimizing hyper-convergence for VDI and Brien Posey


Remote office tech tip: When to avoid the c...

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Many CIO's will tell you moving all applications to the cloud is unrealistic. Considerations have to be made for application availability, performance and regulatory compliance.

Tech Tip 20 - Localized DR

Remote office tech tip: Creating a localize...

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With disasters ranging from server failure to a fire on-premises you need to plan varying approaches for disaster recovery scenarios.