A Simple Solution for the Complex World


Large organization operations are typically more complex than the average business and one of the main factors building on this complexity is the management of multiple offices/branches.

Imagine the workload required of central IT administrators who maintain uptime, deploy and resolve issues of 100+ branch offices. This is why achieving High Availability at these locations is imperative to these organizations as it ensures availability of business critical applications.

But often achieving High Availability can do more damage to both the Central Office and the Branch as the prehistoric yet traditional methods of achieving HA aren’t well suited to the needs of the branch or the central office.

When we hear HA we think Storage, the key to unlocking HA from VMware’s pantry along with vMotion and DRS. And when we think Storage we think SAN, the expensive, large, complex, physical and don’t forget VERY EXPENSIVE storage solution that requires more time from your IT administrators than if there was no HA there at all.

Understandable then why so many branch offices don’t have High Availability.

Then there are Storage Virtual Appliances (SVA) like StorMagic’s SvSAN, which leverage the existing server’s internal disks to create shared storage to keep your business critical application protected against O/S and hardware failures.

StorMagic’s SvSAN is fast becoming the number 1 choice for large organizations for achieving High Availability at the branch.


  1. Provides shared storage cost effectively: Visit StorMagic Shop for pricing
  2. Dedicated hardware is not required
  3. Turns internal disk drives into a virtual SAN
  4. Enables a highly available ESXi environment without external shared storage
  5. Mirrors datastores between ESXi servers over iSCSI, overcoming the single point of failure of SAN solutions
  6. Leverages the processing power of the ESXi server
  7. Scale performance and capacity as needs grow
  8. Doesn’t require specialized training

SAN storage solution deliver high performance where it needed (typically the central office datacenter)  but in the Branch SvSAN delivers everything a SAN cannot.

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