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Might Have Missed: May 2016

► Industry News Server virtualization market now ‘mature’, Gartner finds Source: Read at Information Week, Charles Babcock New license revenue declined in the first quarter of 2016, a first in the 18 years since the practical launch of x86 servers in the enterprise data center says Gartner. Overall virtualization revenues will increase

Tech Tip 21 - Fault Tolerance HA DR

Remote office tech tip: Fault tolerance, high availability and disaster recovery

What are the differences between fault tolerance, high availability and disaster recovery solutions? When is it best to employ these solutions, which environments?

Tech Tip 1 - Optimizing Branch Remote

Remote office tech tip: Optimizing branch office and remote office IT

What can CIO's do to optimize branch office IT infrastructure and keep applications running? Does cloud storage offer solutions for branch office? Are there more risk averting solutions available?

Tech Tip 8 - Quorum Deployment

Remote office tech tip: Quorum server deployment options

In a split-brain scenario, where the connection between two servers fails, it's imperative that a quorum server exists to decide which server in a mirrored pair can update data. Without this, data corruption can occur.

Tech Tip 3 - Branch Office Consolidation

Remote office tech tip: Branch office infrastructure consolidation

In reducing costs across their IT infrastructure, organizations with branch offices are increasingly looking towards virtual servers and virtual desktops. This decreases the number of physical servers required and reduces the cost of maintaining desktops.


Helping customers with their “Green IT” initiatives

Organizations all over the world are becoming more reliant on technology in order to operate as the demand for IT resources continues to grow exponentially. And yet, many IT managers are trying to meet the challenge of reducing carbon footprints without sacrificing performance or productivity. In honour of Earth Day,

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Lenovo and StorMagic Team on Hyper-Converged Systems for SMBs

When it comes to software-defined storage (SDS), small and midsized businesses (SMBs) are getting the short end of the stick, according to Hans O’Sullivan, CEO of storage virtualization software specialist StorMagic.


StorMagic Signs Prianto as Distributor

StorMagic, Inc. has signed Prianto UK and Prianto GmbH as authorised distributors in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

juku Hans O’Sullivan talks distributed hyperconverged infrastructures

In this Episode I’m with Hans O’Sullivan, StorMagic‘s CEO, and we talk about: – Hyperconverged infrastructures for the distributed enteprise – How HA is managed in small and remote sites – Manging multiple (up to thousands) sites – KVM support


StorMagic SvSAN, Storage Awards finalist

StorMagic SvSAN was nominated as a Finalist in this years annual Storage Awards hosted London.


Review: StorMagic SvSAN 5.2

StorMagic‘s SvSAN is an ideal solution for distributed environments as it pushes storage resiliency to the network edge but without the high costs associated with many of today’s hardware products.