Virtual Storage Solution Designed For The Enterprise Edge

StorMagic’s SvSAN is a software solution which enables enterprises to eliminate downtime of business critical applications at the edge, where this disruption directly equates to a loss in service and revenue. SvSAN ensures high availability through a virtualized shared storage platform, so that these business critical edge applications remain operational. This is achieved by leveraging the existing server storage and presenting it as a virtual SAN.

StorMagic’s typical customer has anywhere between 10 – 10,000 edge sites, where local IT resource is not available, but uptime of applications is a must. StorMagic enables a better, virtualized way of working at the edge than a traditional SAN solution allows.

Enabling a Hybrid IT Strategy

With SvSAN enterprises are able to provision an edge infrastructure which complements a cloud/centralization strategy. As part of these initiatives there is a need to minimize the infrastructure at the edge, but certain applications must remain at the edge as they have requirements that cannot be met through the cloud or at distance, such as performance, latency and bandwidth or the data must remain locally for compliance reasons.

Software-defined storage from SvSAN enables an edge infrastructure that complements the wider centralization or cloud strategy allowing the IT footprint to be as lean as possible and administered through a central management console.

Key Benefits


Both planned and unplanned

proof your

Scalable; hardware and hypervisor agnostic

and manage

Quick and easy with no onsite IT requirement

ROI in Only
6 months

While ensuring no further lost revenue

One Solution For All

SvSAN’s benefits are not constrained by vertical. This market-leading virtual storage solution can offer real value to any type of organisation running business critical applications at the edge. Customers currently using SvSAN to eliminate application downtime come from a wide range of sectors including:

  • Retail – stock control, customer and staff management, point-of-sale
  • Government – diplomatic communication platforms
  • Defense – battlefield control systems
  • Manufacturing – process control
  • Financial Services – customer transactions
  • Restaurant and Hospitality – booking and kitchen ordering systems
  • Transportation – vehicle positioning and monitoring
  • Energy – remote power generation plant control
  • Medical – PACS

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